Our Products

Handmade artisanal treats pets love to enjoy!

The Benko Stick

Reward your dog with a treat they are bound to love! Our Benko Stick is made from lean organ meat with a beef and pork blend, then slow dried and seasoned with a special mix of garlic, salt, and signature ingredients. Our premium recipe has been adapted from artisanal European standards, so you can expect a delicious quality treat.

Assorted Knuckle Bone

Treat your pet to hours of tasty chewing! Our Assorted Knuckle Bone is part of the beef femur and dry roasted, giving it a satisfying chew and delicious marrow.  Great for small and medium-sized dogs.  Pet supervision is recommended.

Whole Double Knuckle Bone

Double the taste and chew! Our Whole Double Knuckle Bone is cut from the beef femur. This knuckle has a cow’s kneecap resting on it, resulting in chewy tendons your pup is sure to love! Great for small and medium-sized dogs. Pet supervision is recommended.

Large Marrow Bone

The Large Marrow is one of our best-selling treats in Ontario for a reason! This bone is cut from the centre of a beef femur and dry roasted. There are dried meaty chunks on the outside, and on the inside, there is delicious marrow that will keep your pup active for hours! Great for small and medium-sized dogs. Pet supervision is recommended.

Super Dino Bone

A Super Dino Bone for a super dog! Our Super Dino is the biggest of the big! It’s a full-sized beef femur that’s been trimmed and dry roasted. Your large pup is bound to spend hours trying to finish this one! Each knuckle contains hours of tough tendons to clean their teeth, and the marrow has tons of meaty chew. Great for dogs of all sizes, but only the strongest will be able to carry it around! Pet supervision is recommended.

Mini Dino Bone

Our Mini Dino Bone is not so mini! Cut from a whole beef femur, with one of the knuckles removed, this mini bone is excellent for a pup who can handle the tendon and meaty chew. Great for dogs of all sizes. Pet supervision is recommended.

Extra Large Marrow Bone

Just like our Large Marrow Bone, but extra! Cut from a beef femur, the Extra Large Marrow is dry roasted for delicious flavour and meaty chew. This bone is for dogs with a bigger appetite who need something extra! Great for medium and large-sized dogs. Pet supervision is recommended.

Mini Beef Bite Knuckle

Treat your pet to a bite of deliciousness. Our Mini Bites are full of tasty tendon pieces that are great for keeping your pet’s teeth clean!  Cut from a beef knee cap, also known as a Patella, this bone rests on the ‘Whole Double Knuckle’ on a cow and is perfect for the little pup in your life. Great for small-sized dogs. Pet supervision is recommended.

Small Marrow Bone

A smaller version of our Large Marrow, the Small Marrow is cut from the same beef femur and dry roasted. These bones contain the same great meaty chew and tasty marrow as the Large Marrow, but now your small pup can carry it! Great for small-sized dogs. Pet supervision is recommended.

Pure Beef Training Treat

Our Pure Beef Training Treats are made with 100% beef lung. This training treat is an excellent incentive for the pup who is learning new things! Guaranteed to make them come when called, sit when asked, and speak when spoken to, your pet is bound to fall in love with the pure beef taste!

Wild Grown Catnip

Grown and cared for by a local farmer close to Benko’s, our catnip products are sure to make your cat go crazy! Grown outside without the use of pesticides or artificial light, our Catnip is more potent than other brands that are industrial farmed. Recommended for cats of all sizes and ages.