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Our History

Reliable, trusted and natural pet treats

We were founded in 2001 by brothers Garry and Rick Benko. Garry worked as a butcher specializing in artisanal European meats. In his spare time, his father Nicholas started dry roasting bones for local neighbours’ pets. As the popularity of the roasted bones began to grow, so did the family’s passion for making nutritious dog treats accessible to all pet owners.

At the start of Benko’s, Rick managed the production of the products while Garry set out on the road. Garry would drive around Ontario with his faithful dog and product tester, Bounder, in the passenger seat, visiting store after store sharing the tasty products. Benko’s quickly gained local success in Ontario and established a stellar reputation for handmaking delicious, healthy dog treats. 

Over the past twenty years, Benko’s has grown into a powerhouse in the dog treat industry, distributing to pet stores all across Canada. To this day, Benko’s still uses the same artisanal European recipes handed down from Garry and Rick. Through generations of craftsmanship, Benko’s has perfected premium nutritious pet treats. A long-time trusted brand, we are committed to producing fresh, high-quality, natural dog treats!

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Our Team

The team that makes it happen

Passionate about handmaking quality, natural products, our team is dedicated to creating irresistible treats dogs love to enjoy!  Here at Benko’s, we pride ourselves on our incredible team’s inclusive culture and strong work ethic. 

Dan Kimura

President and CEO

Jordan Godelie

Plant Manager

Daniel Gervais

Chief Commercial Officer & Head of Quebec Sales


Retired Taste Tester

R.I.P Bounder

He worked and rotated through all departments. Started out in sales and has been to many retail stores throughout Ontario. In plant he was involved in all departments from recieving to shipping. Usually ending his afternoon with a nap under the account’s desk. He loved all the employees and staff.

Sadly missed.. always remembered.